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We Can Do Better and ARE Doing Better...

The branded merch industry has long been associated with trash and trinkets, swag, or that crap with logos on it.
We have sold products that have been destined for the landfill as cheap giveaways. That positioning is changing.

Savvy buyers understand the value of using safe, regulatory-compliant, responsibly produced, sustainable products.
The most sustainable products are the products we keep. That's a win for the giver, the recipient, and the environment.  

Here, we offer a collection of supplier resources from companies focused on providing a high level of sustainable products to protect an organization's brand. Brought to you by our sustainability partner, bluesign.


Organic Tee Star - A Commitment to Sustainable Apparel  (GOTS) Global Organic Textile Standard Certified

Allmade - Good for the planet and it's people. Feel your impact.

RUPT - A symphony of visionary design harmonizing with the heartbeat of environmental sustainability.

Storm Creek - Better Product. Better Planet. Weaving sustainability and innovation into everything they do.

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