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The Branded Merch Network focuses on community, collaboration, and creativity. It's been developed to give artists, creatives, sales reps,  marketers, and business owners an equal voice. 


We will facilitate conversations centered on principles of purpose and relevance. Those conversations will be with colleagues who are in the trenches working on delivering results through design, brilliant branding, and magical marketing.


The outcome is growth and trust. We all know that we are better together.

That's the "WHY." That's our manifesto.


The Branded Merch Network is an online platform developed to:

•        connect creatives
•        deliver insights
•        foster growth
•        develop relationships
•        increase collaboration
•        start engaging discussions
•        produce live streams and virtual events


The Branded Merch Network is for passionate promo industry members in all business roles. BMN will be driven by engagement.
We encourage members to ask like-minded people to join. The community will become what we want it to be.

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