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Did you miss LEVERAGING INSTAGRAM live? No problem! You can still access this timely, industry specific business-building training experience.
Watch our keynote trainer and Instagram expert, Jenn Herman, and some of the promo, print and apparel industry's brightest personalities as they share what they are doing to be successful on Instagram.


Thousands of business owners, executives, sales reps, and marketers have trusted Jay Busselle and Jessica Gibbons-Rauch, co-founders of FLEXpoint, to teach them how to leverage their creativity and value on LinkedIn.  Now it's time to leverage fresh creativity and more value on INSTAGRAM!

You've probably seen or heard Jay and Jessica here:
The ASI Show, The SAGE Show, commonsku skucast, SHIRT LAB, Promo Kitchen,  The Branded Merch Network, Apparelist, National Print & Sign Owners Association, Brand Chain and more.


This isn't about Jay & Jessica - IT'S ABOUT YOU!


Are you struggling with how to make Instagram truly work for you and your business? You’re not alone and we’ve got help on the way.
When we say we’ve got help on the way - we mean expert help. As in the BEST.


Jenn Herman

Jenn Herman is a social media consultant, speaker, and globally recognized Instagram expert. Her business background includes Administration, Sales, Human Resources, and Marketing and she enjoys bringing all these skills together to help you grow your business. Jenn has been featured in Inc., Fox News, BBC News, Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur, HuffPost, The Verge, CBS Radio LA, and numerous other podcasts and publications. She is the author of “Instagram for Dummies”, “Instagram for Business for Dummies”, and “The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing”. You can learn more about Jenn's fantastic story here:

Jenn Herman.png

Meet the Presenters




By leveraging this visual platform, you can showcase your products, services, and creative branding in a memorable and engaging way. Highlight your brand's unique features and benefits through stunning imagery and videos that capture your audience's attention.


What if:
You could build an Instagram following full of targeted potential leads - a pool of people eager to work with you when they are ready to purchase?

What if:
You didn't have to constantly "sell" and ask for leads, but the leads came to you regularly?

When using Instagram to grow your business, do you constantly feel like this:

  • Frustrated with organic reach?

  • Worried your engagement is consistently down?

  • Are you questioning everything after another algorithm announcement?

  • You’re tired from wondering if Reels, carousels, or still images are best?

  • Thinking maybe you should move to TikTok?

No more stressful questions and no more “what if’s” … Leveraging Instagram with Jenn Herman will provide the answers and insights you need to let your brand shine bright on Instagram in 2023. It’s not too late!! 

Leveraging Instagram REPLAY - $79

In order to watch the replay for LEVERAGING INSTAGRAM you need to be a member of the Branded Merch Network through Circle.

Please sign up below or sign in to become a member of our Branded Merch Network on the Circle Platform. It's free!


“Most B2B industries typically struggle with understanding HOW and WHY to use Instagram. Why would it be any different for branded merch, promotional products, print and apparel decoration businesses? It isn’t!! The truth is, the platform isn’t conducive to “normal” B2B marketing tactics. You hear everyone talking about it, and someone on your team has probably told you to figure it out.  Plus, Instagram is super visual and you probably don't have a lot of photos and videos to choose from."

Lucky for you, I'm here to guide you towards success!" 

- Jenn

This event is for business owners, managers, sales reps and marketing pros in the branded merch, apparel, print and promo markets. Here are some key take-aways and questions that will be answered:

        1. How can a branded merch rep share product ideas without

            sharing a sales flyer?

        2. How can I better manage my personal account and my

             business account?

        3. What's the best way drive traffic, get leads and inspire action?

        4. How can I be more creative and stand out Instagram?

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