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Cybergroup International: Worlds Together

This engaging article covering bluesign partner Steven Baumgaertner filled with useful insights was penned by Josh Ellis, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of PPAI Media.

They’ve sent me to France.

The Salon CTCO trade show in Lyon is a chance to mix and discuss partnerships with industry association leaders from across Europe, create memories with the few Americans who made the trip and conduct the interview that would be the backbone for this story.

My subject is Steven Baumgaertner.

He is not a household name for many American promo pros but certainly has that status in his own country and further across the European merch industry. He’s the CEO of Cybergroup International (PPAI 607044, Gold), an umbrella organization of global distributor operations that is headlined by Heidelberg, Germany-based cyber-Wear, the country’s largest distributor.

Baumgaertner may be the most influential figure in European promotional products, an entrepreneur who, alongside his co-founding partner Roman Weiss, started the business in a basement some 30 years ago. They’ve evolved, scaled and built a client roster of massive multinational corporations. In addition to Europe, Cybergroup does business in China, the Middle East and the U.S.


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