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Is Your Outreach Approach Losing Steam?

If your results are less than desired, try this:
Set a Google Alert for your prospect (instructions are in the first comment)

When you receive a noteworthy alert, share it with your contact(s).
Sure, they work for the company and probably already know.
But often, they don’t (many companies struggle to prioritize internal communications).

Sharing relevant information does a few things.

-Your prospect will notice you’re paying attention and putting them first.
-You’re creating value (and building trust) by using a valid business reason to start a conversation.

I get it. It’s one more “thing” to do. Set a thirty-minute appointment in your calendar once per week to coincide with your alert notifications.

If you get a juicy nugget, share it.
If not, you have an open slot on your calendar to reset for the balance of your day.


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